In plain sight

As four in ten Britons are forced to cut back on food, the pressure of the cost of living continues to rise with Council tax, fuel bills, Covid, Brexit and the war in Ukraine. Each issue is another turn of the corkscrew forcing hard-pressed working people into a decision many of us can’t imagine, choosing between heating and eating in what was the fifth-largest economy in the world. Caleb’s images are intended to show the never-ending doom of the weekly shop, costing more and more as time passes and the continuing pressure every day people feel attempting to make ends meet with no way out of impending poverty. The resolution foundation found that the project is also a materialisation of the poverty hidden in plain sight, represented by the placing of shopping lists in public places that many people from a diverse range of people pass through every day. In many cases, people simply ignore the poverty that is in front of them on city streets, absorbed as they are by the thought of special offers and dietary preferences.

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